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AllSlit AR

Flexible slitter with quick turnaround times for optimum operating comfort

The unwinding stand is positioned externally to the slitter and can be equipped with a cutting and glue-bonding table and various other additional units. It is connected to the machine via a bridge (below or above the web track). A web monitoring system, for example, can be integrated here.

A wide variety of automatic handling systems for removing finished rolls are optionally available. These simplify operation and reduce downtime.

Our customised handling systems can also transport the finished rolls for further processing (the rolls are automatically cut and transported to the packaging station via robots or conveyor belts).

Technical specifications
Working width 31,5 – 98,4 in.
Parent roll weight 6613,9 lb
Unwind diameter Ø 63 in.
Core diameter Ø 2 – 7,9 in.
Slitting systems shear cut, blade groove cut, crush cut
Slitting width min. 0,3 in.
Rewind diameter max. Ø 31,5 in. on both winding levels or optionally Ø 39,4 in. on the lower winding level
Machine speed max. 2624,7 fpm
Materials to be processed technical films, packaging films, soft and hard films, papers, laminates, aluminum composite materials