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AllSlit Compact

Compact slitter with quick turnaround times for optimum operating comfort

A very compact and extremely economical slitter-rewinder that cuts almost any material with the greatest accuracy.

The machines of the AllSlit series wind the finished rolls on two superimposed rewinding levels, which are arranged at a convenient operating height. The unwinding is integrated into the basic machine and thus allows a very compact design and short pathways. A number of options for unwinding, slitting section and winder are also available.

If necessary, a handling system can also transport the finished rolls for further processing and can be integrated into the overall process.

Technical specifications
Working width 3,9 – 78,7 in.
Parent roll weight 4409,2 lb
Unwind diameter Ø 39,4 in.
Core diameter Ø 2 – 7,9 in.
Slitting systems shear cut, razor blade cut, crush cut
Slitting width min. 0,3 in.
Rewind diameter max. Ø 31,5 in.
Machine speed max. 1968,5 fpm
Materials to be processed technical films, packaging films, soft and hard films, papers, laminates, aluminum composite materials