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Fully automatic unwinding for the continuous unwinding process

The fully automatic unwinder is used to continuously supply materials to a production line. It is used in the following production lines:

Coating, printing or thermal calendering as well as any type of finishing process where a constant production speed is required.

The advantages of the AutoUnwind series are the possible roll mounting and splice systems for the various requirements. The mother roll can be picked up with a clamping shaft or in shaftless mode using clamping heads. The web connection with a so-called splice can be carried out with adhesive tape, thermal welding or also with ultrasonic welding.

In addition, it is possible to carry out both the introduction of the parent roll and the discharge of the empty core automatically by using a transport carriage. Optionally, the material can also be trimmed.

Technical specifications
Working width max. 141,7 in.
Parent roll weight 5511,6 lb
Winding diameter Ø 59 in.
Core diameter 3–10″ paper and plastic cores
Slitting system shear cut, blade cut, crush cut
Slitting width Edge trim cut
Machine speed max. 1968,5 fpm
Knife adjustment manual, semi or fully automatic
Handling systems Mother roll, core and packaging handling systems
Materials to be processed technical films, packaging films, soft and hard films, papers, laminates, nonwovens