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Slitter rewinder especially for paper, non-woven fabrics, cardboard paper, laminates and decor paper

The machines of the MultiSlit series are semi-automatic slitter-rewinders, which perform outstandingly and can be expanded with a variety of options.

The cut webs are wound up on a rewinding plane, with the webs being separated by expander rollers.

A special advantage results from the combination of centre and circumferential drive. This enables a very constant rewinding hardness without exerting excessive stress on the roll core from the centre. This is particularly advantageous with large rewinding diameters.

Automatic operating systems are optionally available, which simplify handling and reduce downtimes.

Our operating system can also forward the finished rolls to another handling system. The rolls are automatically unloaded and transported to the packaging station by robots or conveyor belts.

Technical specifications
Working width 137,8 in.
Parent roll weight 6613,9 lb
Unwind diameter Ø 59 in.
Core diameter Ø 2 – 7,9 in.
Slitting systems shear cut, razor blade cut, crush cut
Slitting width min. 0,8 in.
Rewind diameter max. Ø 47,2 in.
Machine speed max. 2624,7 fpm
Materials to be processed papers, cardboards, nonwovens, laminates, decor papers