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ShortSlit Inline

Fully automatic short roller winder from the ShortSlit Inline series

Fully automatic short roll winders with core magazines and finished roll handling systems from the ShortSlit Inline series are used where goods are continuously packaged inline behind a production system into short rolls within the shortest cycle times. The finished roll change takes place without interruption and has no influence on the continuous production process.

The great advantage of the fully automatic short roll winder is that the cross-cutting and feeding systems available for different materials for automatic cross-cutting and feeding of the new material web to a prepared or unprepared rewinding core.

The cores are brought in fully automatically from a core magazine. Depending on the design, it can also be wound without a core. Furthermore, the fully automatic short roll winders of the ShortSlit Inline series are predestined for the production of lengthwise cut finished rolls. For this purpose, the series is available with manual or semi-automatic length slitting systems.

Technical specifications
Working width 141,7 in.
Parent roll weight 2204,6 lb, depending on the core diameter
Material thickness 39,4 mil
Core diameter finished roll 1–6″ paper, plastic or coreless
Slitting systems shear cut, razor blade cut, crush cut
Slittung width min. 7,9 in.
Rewind diameter max. Ø 19,7 in.
Machine speed max. 1312,3 fpm
Cycle times e.g. 1969 in. finished roll wound in 25 seconds
Materials to be processed packaging films, papers, nonwovens, laminates, aluminum composite materials