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Slitter rewinder for processing large and heavy finished rolls

The machines of the SuperSlit series are designed for high slitting and rewinding capacities. They are suitable for the precise and efficient processing of almost all materials with large rewinding diameters and roll weights.

For technical films, flexible packaging, laminates, metallic films, papers, nonwovens and composites.

The machine winds the finished rolls on two opposite rewinding levels and has a centre and peripheral drive. In addition, it can be upgraded as follows:

• Singular rewinding stations
• Automatic slitting unit

An automatic unloading system, which simplifies handling and reduces downtimes, is also available as an option. Our operating system can also forward the finished rolls for further handling. The rolls are automatically cut across and transported to the packaging station by robots or conveyor belts.

Technical specifications
Working width 31,5 – 157,5 in.
Parent roll weight 11023,1 lb
Unwinding diameter Ø 70,9 in.
Core diameter Ø 2 – 7,9 in.
Slitting systems shear cut, razor blade cut, crush cut, air cut, burst cut
Slitting width during winding min. 0,1 in.
Slitting width at the winding station min. 9,8 in.
Rewind diameter max. Ø 59 in.
Machine speed max. 2624,7 fpm
Materials to be processed technical films, packaging films, coated soft and hard films, papers, laminates, aluminum composite materials