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Film Applicator

Film applicator for the bubble-free and crease-free application of materials onto glass

The film applicator meets extremely high requirements for an absolutely smooth adhesion of films or papers on glass surfaces.

With the help of the applicator, adhesive films can be applied to protect the glass during further processing (e.g. slitting) or during transport. Another option is the application of papers or films using static electricity. Here, there is the option of an additional fixation with a circumferential adhesive tape. With this process, the glass can be coated on both sides.

Both types of film applicator can apply the material either flush with the edge or optionally in smaller widths.

Thanks to an integrated slitting unit, a mother roll with a larger working width than the glass width can also be used.

Technical specifications
Working width max. 129,9 in.
Parent roll weight max. 1543,2 lb
Unwind diameter max. Ø 23,6 in.
Core diameter finished roll Ø 3 in. / 6 in. made of cardboard, plastic or steel
Slitting systems shear cut, blade cut
Machine speed max. 1312,3 fpm
Applying materials paper, film or adhesive film