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MiniSlit 800/6/4 – Second hand machine

The unit in this case is a PSA MiniSlit from 2008, which was operated in a clean room and is accordingly in very good condition. The machine is designed for a web width of 800mm and can currently handle a diameter of 600mm in the unwinding section. On the winding side, 2 winding stations are available, on which a maximum diameter of 400mm (optionally 600mm on one winding station) can be winded up. In addition, the machine has a web edge control, a slitting section and can be equipped with a rewind function if required, so that the machine can be used as a doctor reeler.

If you are interested in this machine, please contact our sales team.


Core cutter type HSA 2500 – New product

The HSA 2500 is a semi-automatic core cutter. It can take both 3″ and 6″ cores and allows a short changeover time. The cores are manually pushed onto the mandrel and automatically clamped. The HSA then automatically measures the core length and starts the cutting process. During this process, the core lengths previously defined in the program are automatically cut. To achieve optimum cutting quality, the core is supported on the inside during the cutting process.

If you are interested in our core cutters, please contact our sales team.

HSA Model 2021 B_freigestellt

Mini winder 400/12 – New product

The winder is a system solution which can wind materials up to a width of 400mm and a diameter of 1200mm on one winding station (friction winding shaft). The system also has a diameter sensor, meter stop and either a controlled pressure arm or alternatively a dancer roller. The speed can be up to 800m/min. Matching to this we offer a simple unwinding system.

If you are interested in this machine, please contact our sales team.